Enduring bonds of nature and family: a curated collection of Japanese illustration and artistry.

Rooted – The 57th Edition of the Best-Seller

Rooted celebrates the enduring bonds of nature and family. The Brandywine Museum of Art showcases the original artwork that depicts diverse protagonists who find joy in engaging with their natural surroundings and spending quality time with loved ones.

This year’s cover illustration is by illustrator/animator Hanabushi of ZUTOMAYO fame, and book design is handled by Tomoyuki Arima. Enjoy a curated collection of masterpieces drawn with speeding techniques.

150 Artists

Featuring the work of over 150 talented artists, this art book highlights the latest in Japanese illustration. It offers the latest styles in character design and background art and combines both traditional and digital techniques, allowing readers to see how each artist creates their artworks.

Discover how to use figure study to understand the art of storytelling, focusing on developing your own point of view as an illustrator. Learn how to use a variety of techniques and mediums to communicate a story through your artwork, including drawing, painting, and etching.

Featuring illustrations, setting materials and staff interviews from the popular mobile game Girls’ Frontline, this artbook includes new one-shots, story introductions, character commentary and rare off-shot collections. Plus a full-color illustration B4 pinup by the cover artist, HANABUSHI!

Hanabushi on the Cover

The art on this book’s cover resembles something of a fantasy world, capturing the beauty of the characters and their surroundings. The artwork was created by Doug Barrett, an associate professor of design at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The book’s cover features a woman with her head “in the clouds” standing on a stepladder. It’s a beautiful illustration that reflects the content of the book and is sure to draw readers in.

The best-selling ILLUSTRATION series showcases the latest artists to hit the Japanese illustration scene and this edition is no different. With over 90% of the 150 artists newly replaced from its predecessor, this 320 page full-color volume will introduce you to the most talented illustration professionals of today. This is an edition that cannot be missed!

A Definitive Collection of Today’s Most Talented Artists!

Featuring work from a diverse group of artists, this release is a must-have for fans of illustration and concept art. The book is an excellent showcase of how professional illustrators push their work to new levels, intrigue the viewer, and bring nuance to simple subjects.

Katsuya Terada’s 512-page collection of his RAKUGAKI sketches is full of fierce yet beautiful black lines that transcend space. The book contains a variety of drawings such as character designs, ships, attractive costumes and more!

Featuring works by the up and coming BL artist, Hon Toku, this book is packed with colored illustrations and comments. Readers will also find a time lapse video and Q&A section that shed light on Toku’s drawing process! An absolute must-have for BL fans.

Printed in Japan

The 57th edition of this best-selling art book series features more than 150 talented artists who have crossed the world’s attention from Japan’s illustration scene! With 90% of the published artists being new compared to last year’s edition, this book is filled with illustrations that are at the cutting edge of modern illustration.

The architecture of modernism and its light, asymmetrical lines has begun to make a comeback in the illustration scene. This trend can harmonize designs and build soothing impressions in viewers, allowing us to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enter a fairy tale world.

Creative collages are also a hot new illustration style. By combining various textures and elements, they create a fairytale world of wonders and imagination, while still showing off the artist’s unique skills! Using limited colors to creatively operate is another popular illustration trend in 2023. This simple yet sophisticated technique adds a sense of elegance to your work!

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